Your Career

At the Johns Hopkins School of Education, we know the best way to learn is by doing. Internships, hands-on learning projects, student teaching, and clinical experiences are critical steps in making a difference within our communities. We pride ourselves on small classes and passionate faculty members who know more than your name. They guide you in your academic and career endeavors. Our world-class faculty members and thought leaders are here to mentor and teach you as you work to positively transform the field of education. 

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As a student, we really get to know you and what it is that you want to accomplish. Why are you pursuing this program?

You get a myriad of experiences that you would never get from another place.

The faculty are really proactive and involved in terms of my field work placement, as I've really gotten to apply the things that I have learned in the classroom in a very real context.

The most important field work experience that students get here is becoming a teacher, right here in urban Baltimore City. We were really able to take what we created here and use it, and implement it, right in the classroom. Even to this day, I still use a lot of the community mapping that Yolanda Abel taught me at Johns Hopkins University in the School of Education. I still use a lot of the collaborative work that she had with parents and legal guardians. I teach students in Connecticut. I teach students in Hawaii. And they're all getting the quality education that affirms them to be really amazing practitioners at the Johns Hopkins University, but more importantly, in their communities.

I know that a lot of these students are coming out with the same ideals of serving the community, serving education, in a really specific and special way.

It provides an opportunity for you to ask those big questions and to look at them in those finite ways that happen day to day and, hopefully, are impacting, positively, the outcomes of children, their families, the larger community, and the world as a whole. Once you are a part of the Johns Hopkins family, you stay a part of the Johns Hopkins family.