The Johns Hopkins School of Education

Global Influence

Johns Hopkins is America’s first research university and has a long history of preparing teachers and education. Through practical knowledge building and high-quality research, our outstanding students, faculty, and alumni are making breakthroughs in their respective fields, resulting in significant local, regional, national, and international impact.

Local Impact

  • Partnerships with school districts, state agencies, nonprofit and for-profit organizations, community agencies, and other Johns Hopkins units are an important part of our work.

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The Johns Hopkins School of Education joins the rest of the university in providing knowledge for the world. We do that locally, regionally, and internationally, by bringing together theory, research, and research-based based best practices, in all of our programs.

Johns Hopkins is an anchor in the Baltimore City community. It is one that was founded on a commitment to bettering the lives of its citizens here in Baltimore and around. You will have an opportunity to be exposed to some of the finest researchers and research in the world. One of my students was located in Brazil. He owns an educational game based company. It is interesting when the students are in classes that they can see the commonality of an issue in India the same way that it might manifest itself here in Baltimore City and the same way it might manifest itself in a small town in California. So it really is a wonderful opportunity to bring diverse people together and see the interconnectedness of the world. We want them to do well. We want them to make a difference in the lives of their students, the students families, or whoever their base is.

From the first time that you register for a course, all the way through when you're an alumni, you join a family that's focused on making the world a better place for children and their communities.