Greater Baltimore

  • Centrally located in the mid-Atlantic, between Washington, DC, and New York.
  • More than a dozen institutions of higher learning are based in the Baltimore area.
  • More than 120,000 college students study and work in this great college town.
  • Two School of Education campuses:
    • Homewood Campus, in the city of Baltimore
    • Columbia Center, in Columbia, Md.
  • Situated halfway between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Columbia is consistently ranked one of the nation’s best places to live.

The Homewood campus is located in Charles Village. It's really close to Johns Hopkins undergraduate campus. You have access to gyms, and the track, and athletic events, and the bus line that leads right downtown. The Columbia campus is located right near a mall. And the Howard County area is also bustling with shopping centers and parks. There's always new restaurants popping up. There's places to mingle.

The heart of the city, it's like the main corridor. If you want to have a vibrant nightlife, if you want to go to the Arts District, if you want to be able to be a part of a community organization, and projects, there's a lot going on and it just feels a little bit closer.

You can get to DC on a bus or train. You can get to New York in a couple hours. If you love professional sports, we have the Baltimore Ravens and the Orioles that are right here in town. If you are a seafood fan, there are many place you can go and get a really good crab cake. Another thing that I really enjoy about Baltimore are the museums. And Hopkins has a museum on campus with varying exhibitions and new activities going on all the time.

I love that Baltimore City just has a lot of neighborhoods that have their own identities. You can really get to know them on an individual basis. I think Baltimore is great because you get a big city feel in a small community.