Our Strength in Research

The Johns Hopkins School of Education is home to multiple nationally recognized centers for education research and policy. Johns Hopkins researchers and leaders foster meaningful partnerships with schools, educators, and communities to solve real-world challenges and create a more equitable education for all.

  • Nationally recognized centers for education research and policy:
    • Center for Research and Reform in Education
    • Center for Social Organization of Schools
    • Center for Technology in Education
    • IDEALS Institute
    • Institute for Education Policy
  • Emphasis on putting research into practice:
    • Identifying and rolling out effective curricula
    • Building leadership capacity in urban districts
    • Turning around underperforming schools

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The Johns Hopkins School of Education follows in the tradition of the university as a whole-: to be a world leader in research. We have amongst the most influential researchers in education in the United States. They are doing extraordinary statistical analysis, for example, but then they're leading teams in school districts, in states, in schools to actually make a difference.

How do we identify interventions that will help schools and communities alleviate problems and increase educational achievement and attainment for all.

As we bring the future of America's teaching force into focus, we are working on the ground to improve it. We support doctoral students to join our teams. They are our co-researchers, our co-authors, our co-investigators, and their names will go on our research reports. There is no stronger preparation.

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