Our Academic Programs

When you earn a degree from Johns Hopkins School of Education, you’re earning more than a professional credential. You’re securing a passport to success from one of the greatest communities of practice and lifelong learning. With more than 30 programs, we offer graduate master’s degrees and post-baccalaureate and post-master’s certificates as well as two doctoral programs – Doctor of Education (EdD) online and Doctor of Philosophy in Education (PhD).

Areas of Focus

  • Teacher Development and Leadership
  • Initial Teacher Education
  • Counseling, Health, and Wellness
  • Educational Leadership
  • Education Research (PhD)

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At Johns Hopkins School of Education, a student would find the breadth of knowledge and the interplay of theory with research and then how that informs practice. We have programs in leadership development. If you're looking to counsel children or adults in school or mental health counseling, our programs are very robust in this area.

Just a full complement of courses that students can take to better prepare them to go out in the field to work in school settings, to work in community settings. They can earn master's degrees and doctoral degrees, certificates.

The School of Education has a few options for programs. One of them is an online program that I know a lot of Teach for America students often do because they're teaching at the same time that they're doing their coursework. There is a full time option, where students are taking classes from somewhere until the spring. And they do two internships.

It's been wonderful that Johns Hopkins was so flexible and able to work with me. Anyone that's looking to further their education should consider Johns Hopkins. One, for their flexibility. You can't be the representation that they have in the rest of the country and the world.

And the other thing is the collaboration and the amount that I've learned from professors who are currently teachers. And that's something that has been really enriching for me throughout my journey. And it's given me a lot to take back to my own experiences.