Your Future

  • From your first day, you are connected to a strong, global community of collaborative scholars and leaders.
  • Professional network of more than 22,000 School of Education alumni across the globe
  • More than 200,000 alumni from other Johns Hopkins University divisions
  • Extensive opportunities for mentoring, networking, and career services
  • A mentorship program that pairs students and recent grads with alumni who have extensive professional experience
  • Access to Handshake career-planning and employer-networking platform

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There's so many opportunities to connect with alums. There's so many opportunities to get a mentor.

Alumni involvement is really strong, and students are absolutely encouraged to get to know alumni as well.

And that alumni network, especially when you meet another Blue Jay, if you will, it's almost like meeting another brother or a sister.

There are over 200,000 alumni at Johns Hopkins University. School of Education has 22,000, and that literally is around the world. It's a warm, inviting place that encourages you to build relationships, and also develop them, not only as a student, but as an alumnus as well. Mentoring can be one of those valuable experiences that a student has because it gives you an opportunity not only to learn about career opportunities, but really get some honest feedback about how you can be more effective. Really all aspects of career preparation, career clarification can be enhanced through a mentoring relationship.

There is no barriers when it comes to access of faculty, of staff, of the dean.

Handshake is a platform, and it's a tool that students can use to go online to schedule appointments with a career coach or a career counselor. One of the great things about it is that students have access to most of the resources throughout the universities.

Hopkins affords you the opportunity and the possibility to be your best self.

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